101 in 1001

101 Things in 1001 Days, Take 3
10/01/15 – 06/28/18

It is that time again.  I built most of my next list of 101 things to accomplish based on preparing for a major transition. I need to revitalize my motivation and focus my goals before I retire. I retire in 40 Mondays and need to set the stage of the next phase in my life.  Here we go, 101 in 1001, take 3...

1. Join PRSA (Complete, March 2016)
2. Finish ACSC (Moot, no longer valid since I retired)
3. Get APR+M certification
4. Starting using a planner
5. Create and follow a weekly schedule
6. Memorize Girl Scout Law
7. Read Friday Night Knitters
8. Give myself one hour each day for whatever
9. Read the book daily
10. Read the entire book in one year

1. Lose 14 24 lbs (actually got bigger with health issues)
2. Get BMI down to 24
3. Score highest PT test ever before retiring (Complete, Best score in 2015)
4. Run 1.5 mile in under 14:00 (Complete, 2015)
5. Complete 42 Push-ups
6. Complete 42 Sit-ups
7. Bring waist measurement down to 31.5 inches
8. Work back up to running a 5K easily 
9. Complete full round of Power 90 (working on this now)
10. Complete full round of P90X
11. Quit smoking
12. Start drinking at least 64 oz of water each day
13. Start taking vitamins daily (I am doing this)
15. Motivate K & Z to be more healthy and active (daily struggle)

1. Read all my knitting books
2. Skim my knitting books and mark patterns (more then halfway through)
3. Skim my knitting books and mark helpful articles
4. Post to blog at least three times per week (restarting this goal)
5. Design three patterns (socks, wine glass markers, dressy tanks)
6. Get one knitting pattern published
7. Submit pattern to Knitty
8. Submit pattern to KP
9. Submit pattern to third publication
10. Organize new craft area
11. Organize my craft library (complete, Jan. 2016)
12. Knit from my library
13. Design perfect craft room
14. Journal my good ideas
15. Knit at least one thing from each of my books
16. Knit Sweaters for each member of the family
17. Make gifts for Jenkins
18. Finish spinning the Dreaded Fleece
19. Knit sweater from Dreaded Fleece
20. Hand card one alpaca second
21. Drum card one alpaca second
22. Spindle spin one alpaca second
23. Wheel spin one alpaca second
24. Reopen Etsy Store (Sewing product now)
25. Make each girl a skirt
26. Take the lessons in my learn-to-sew books
27. Take my Craftsy classes

Personal Relationships
1. Help K achieve Gold award (so close!  She finished the project but not the report in time)
2. Help Z achieve Gold award
3. Help K transition to college (Success!)
4. Put out Christmas cards 
5. Find a craft group
6. Work on discipline with Z (on going struggle)
7. Call my mom at least once a month
8. Give in to M’s Spontaneity every once in a while
9. Surprise the girls quarterly (special notes, etc)
10. Hang out with T on a regular basis
11. Organize/backup photos
12. Start Girl Scout scrapbooks
13. Help M decide where he wants to land (lord, he's tough)
14. Take at least 2 real vacations (one down, one to go)
15. Keep Z away from the dark side (a huge struggle!)
16. Get Z into something physical (Complete! she chose hockey and loves it!)
17. Get the family back to church

1. Research investment funds
2. Start investment funds
3. Start/continue using a planner
4. Sort through our stored stuff (Complete!)
5. Clean my room
6. Keep my room clean
7. Organize home files
8. Put things away when I am done with them
9. Clean for at least 15 minutes each day
10. Make girls clean up after themselves each night
11. Create a budget (Complete! June 2016)
12. Follow a budget
13. Pay off my credit card
14. Set up automatic payments on house
15. Get accountant

1. Build civilian resume (Complete! May 2016)
2. Get professional head shot (Complete! Oct. 2016)
3. Add client to consulting (Complete-ish! On a charity board instead)
4. Finish building my brand
5. Build exit strategy
6. Plan retirement ceremony (Complete! July 2016)
7. Take FEMA online classes
8. Take the new online PA courses (Canceled! No longer active duty)
9. Lay groundwork for ITK position (Complete! Got the job)
10. Decide where to settle (On-going struggle)
11. Learn how to do my next job (Complete!)
12. Build professional wardrobe (On going struggle)

1. Do something selfless every month
2. Knit something for Charity once annually
3. Contribute time to GSs once a quarter
4. Participate in prayer shawl group
5. Donate clothes to charity quarterly

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