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Implements of Construction: Why?

All too often I find myself distracted by the pretty colors, interesting textures, and varying hand of the materials we use in our crafts and trades.

It wasn't until recently that I truly realized the importance of the tools needed to execute these crafts.  Last year, when I packed up my household and headed west, I carried with me only the most basic tools of the trade.  I brought a complete set of interchangeable knitting needles, two sets of five (yes, just two) of double-pointed needles in the socks I was working, and a small notion bag with a hand full of other items I might need for crafting in the short term.  I had a small pair of scissors, darning needle, a crochet hook, and stitch markers.  Granted, I did pack ALL of my spinning wheels and spindles, but only to make sure they were transported safely.

Now, I anticipated being in a temporary living situation for 6 weeks or so.  Six weeks turned into 6 months.  All the while, the entirety of my craft room was in storage.  …