10: Feverishly

With 10 Mondays remaining, I am working feverishly in the background getting things ready forcthe next phase in my life. 

Currently, I have a number of sewn objects in the works that will stick the store in the very near future. I even have some off these beauties in the works...

I love the Counting Sheep. He brings me great joy. This was one of my first original machine embroidery designs. Seriously. I am a bit surprised he made his way out of my little brain. 

All things aside, there are many bags, needle cases, and trinkets in the works. I'll be sure to keep you post on the status of the new online shop. 


  1. Good job...you created this design very beautifully. If you want to get more ballerina embroidery designs at affordable price, You can also look at picturestitch.co.uk


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