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21: Days like this

So just when I think I have it all worked out, I have a day like this.  
There is nothing particularly interesting or tragic going on. I have just been daydreaming. I do day dreaming about moving back to our hometown and doing my own thing. I would like to give this whole knitlebrity thing an honest try and know it will never happen if I walk right into another full time gig. 
It's not the kind of thing I can talk about with the kids. They start to get all stress and antsy when I throw "what-ifs" out there. Especially itty-bitty. She has specifically requested that we not talk about the future. She just wants to know when the decision is final and I get that. 
So, I guess we shall see. Until then, I can daydream.

23: Holding Pattern

I have 23 Mondays left on active duty and I am in a holding pattern. It really isn't the best place to be because much of my retirement prep depends on the results that are pending. 
I have a line on a relatively lucrative position. This position would allow me to stay put until itty-bitty finishes high school and give us the financial freedom to accomplish a few other things before I really hang up my hat to pursue the fun. 
If this position doesn't come through, we are moving. 
So, here I sit, waiting on the offer that will decide out fate.