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Lady Boss

Much has changed in the world of Shilo. I was really hoping I would be able to retire retire but unfortunately we have set some fiscal goals that will not accommodate that hope.So, for the next 5 to 10 years, I will be a lady boss lay the plans for the next phase in my life.
I do have a master goal in the works where, in the end, I will get to craft full time from my dream location. So, I still have to figure out where I want to call my forever home and when I will get to hang up my suit jacket forever. 
Until then, I will be living it up as a lady boss in a small cyber security, software and systems engineering firm. 
Wish me luck. 

8: Labels

I  This week I am digging on the work involved in preparing to reopen my shop and lock in my trademark. I filed an application for, among other thing, the use of the popcorn flower mark seen above. 
It's time consuming but I enjoy making labels. I will need plenty to sew into seems of the bags and cases and goodness I have been making. 
There is lots of fun in store for me in the future. Counting down to retirement is still the best part.

10: Feverishly

With 10 Mondays remaining, I am working feverishly in the background getting things ready forcthe next phase in my life. 
Currently, I have a number of sewn objects in the works that will stick the store in the very near future. I even have some off these beauties in the works...

I love the Counting Sheep. He brings me great joy. This was one of my first original machine embroidery designs. Seriously. I am a bit surprised he made his way out of my little brain. 
All things aside, there are many bags, needle cases, and trinkets in the works. I'll be sure to keep you post on the status of the new online shop. 

13: Intellectual Property

With 13 Mondays remaining, I am still working on my plans B and C. 
One of my goals has been to solidify my brand. I have chosen to go with the "Forever Handmade" moniker for the products I create.  To that end, I filed for official trademark registration. 
My status is officially up graded from I dra to "TM" for trademark application filed.

21: Days like this

So just when I think I have it all worked out, I have a day like this.  
There is nothing particularly interesting or tragic going on. I have just been daydreaming. I do day dreaming about moving back to our hometown and doing my own thing. I would like to give this whole knitlebrity thing an honest try and know it will never happen if I walk right into another full time gig. 
It's not the kind of thing I can talk about with the kids. They start to get all stress and antsy when I throw "what-ifs" out there. Especially itty-bitty. She has specifically requested that we not talk about the future. She just wants to know when the decision is final and I get that. 
So, I guess we shall see. Until then, I can daydream.

23: Holding Pattern

I have 23 Mondays left on active duty and I am in a holding pattern. It really isn't the best place to be because much of my retirement prep depends on the results that are pending. 
I have a line on a relatively lucrative position. This position would allow me to stay put until itty-bitty finishes high school and give us the financial freedom to accomplish a few other things before I really hang up my hat to pursue the fun. 
If this position doesn't come through, we are moving. 
So, here I sit, waiting on the offer that will decide out fate.

Luck Running out

2016 is here and seems to have it out for me.  I have faced issues with my house and my car.  It isn't looking promising.  
I need to find a way to turn this year around.  We have a ton going on and need it to go smoothly.  With a high school graduation, retirement, and possible move in our future, there is a lot on the line.
I am going to chalk January up as a loss and keep my focus on what is ahead.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.