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43: The process

Forty-three Mondays remaining. 
With only 43 Mondays left, it's time to begin the official process required for retiring from the military. Tomorrow, I will submit the paperwork needed to confirm my eligablity. It seems like a pretty useless step that should be included in the retirement application but it's not.

45: Convincing others

I am eligible to retire in 45 Mondays. 
I know this isn't the most serious way to mark the time remaining but I am serious about my plan. It isn't the easiest thing to communicate to the people around me. Even though I have told my boss the plan, I still had to sit down with him and convince him it is a reality. 
For me and my family, moving on is the best thing.

46: There's no place like home

We just returned from a two week vacation back home. It was really nice to spend two Mondays on recreations versus in the office. 
46 Mondays left!
One of the bigfest decisions weighing on us is whether we will head back to Illinois right away or delay to keep our youngest in the same high school for all four years. To stay in Maryland, I will have to find a fulltime position that pays as well as where I am now. The cost of living here is significantly higher than the Midwest.  From housing expenses to tax on my pension, it would take quite a bit to make living here affordable after I retire. 
I guess I will have to keep plotting and scheming to see how this shakes out.

47: What a pain

47 Mondays and counting. 
With just under a year remaining, there are things that have to be done for me to break out on my own. I am standing up my own business and laying the foundations for what I hope will be a success. Some things are easier than others but in order to do this right, they all need to be done. From the top:
1. Find a name. This has got to be the biggest pain in the ass!  I am trying to pick the perfect name so I can do all the rest. I have lots of ideas but it's hard find one that no one else has thought of. In today's market, one must also consider whether the URL is available. It's enough to make me want to pull out my hair. 
2. PAPARWORK! Once I have a name I will have to file all the paperwork needed to legally operate a business. It's not complicated, but I can't really do it until the name is locked in. 
3. Tell the world. Once I have all those little details together I will be ready to tell the world. I figure if I take on a couple of client…