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48: A change of venue

The countdown continues and I am happy to be one more Monday closer to retirement. 
With 48 Mondays remaining, this week I think about perspective. The boy is petrified by the thought of my retirement. For his sake, I have taken to calling this a "change in venue."  
He is afraid we won't be able to maintain our current standard of living. He is afraid of taking the reigns. I have been steering our path for almost 16 years after all. He is afraid that the next relocation will be bad for the girls. His fears are sound and rational. I will give him that. 
I, on the other hand, am excited by my prospects. I am exploring a couple of options right now that are quite exciting. I have taken on a part time consulting gig with a friend whose IT company need to focus on updating their image. I am only putting in 7 to 10 hours a week on this, but it is satisfying work. The pay isn't bad either - even at the "friends and family" discount. 
This experiment in consulting may…

50: Where will I be this time next year

I have finally reached a concrete decision about retirement. Two weeks ago, I celebrated my 19th Anniversary as a military member. 
I have 50 Mondays remaining until I am retirement eligible and I plan to spend each of the here, sharing the adventure of preparing to transition. 
Yes, I am really counting down the Mondays. I have already served 989, and they are my least favorite day of the work week. 
Today I am putting together a checklist of things I will need to accomplish. Next week, I'll share them with you!
It may be a rocky road, but I am ready.