48: A change of venue

The countdown continues and I am happy to be one more Monday closer to retirement. 

With 48 Mondays remaining, this week I think about perspective. The boy is petrified by the thought of my retirement. For his sake, I have taken to calling this a "change in venue."  

He is afraid we won't be able to maintain our current standard of living. He is afraid of taking the reigns. I have been steering our path for almost 16 years after all. He is afraid that the next relocation will be bad for the girls. His fears are sound and rational. I will give him that. 

I, on the other hand, am excited by my prospects. I am exploring a couple of options right now that are quite exciting. I have taken on a part time consulting gig with a friend whose IT company need to focus on updating their image. I am only putting in 7 to 10 hours a week on this, but it is satisfying work. The pay isn't bad either - even at the "friends and family" discount. 

This experiment in consulting may lead to other things. The CEO of the company, my friend, is looking at her need for a full-time position to focus on these efforts. An executive-level position with this company would be something I would consider doing for a few years. Just long enough to get itty-bitty through high school before returning home. 

I have also been exploring the idea of taking this consulting thing to the next level. What a prospect this is!  I really, really like the idea of being in charge of my own destiny. Selecting my clients, setting my own hours, building my own image for once. The thought of that kind of freedom is inspiring. 

Although our perspectives are different, I respect the boy's concerns. I will do my best to manage his expectations and set us up for success in the future. 


50: Where will I be this time next year

I have finally reached a concrete decision about retirement. Two weeks ago, I celebrated my 19th Anniversary as a military member. 

I have 50 Mondays remaining until I am retirement eligible and I plan to spend each of the here, sharing the adventure of preparing to transition. 

Yes, I am really counting down the Mondays. I have already served 989, and they are my least favorite day of the work week. 

Today I am putting together a checklist of things I will need to accomplish. Next week, I'll share them with you!

It may be a rocky road, but I am ready.