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Pretty Colors

So, it yet another attempt to get myself and the joyful family a little bit more organized, I got this...

How could I resist all those pretty colors.  It is now a semi-permanent feature in our kitchen and I hope it helps me keep track of who has to be where and when.  I will save the discussion of my fondness for sticky notes for another day;)

Urban Gardening

Some people are far more motivated than I am but I occasionally get to reap the benefits. I have a fantastic neighbor who shares her baking experiments; a long time friend who just recently took up home brewing; and, a chum who is all to willing to sponsor us into her kick@$$ spin class. 
Let's not forget the nameless, faceless gent on the other side of the fence who has improved the scenery...

You see...

I have this blog and have done very little with it.  I really need to do more.  I have a great domain name and can't let it go to waste.  Work, grad. school, family... these things have been a bear to manage so it looks like I really need to get off my butt and get my act together.  It is time to put some time management skills to work and make something of this.