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Hotel living

Today marks the ninth day we have spent in a hotel. It isn't completely horrible but, it could be better.

I miss the little things.

I miss privacy. it would be so nice to be able to go into a seperate room and close the door behind me. Even if it was just for five minutes away from the TV and chatty kids.

I miss my dresser. Living out of a bag is not the best way to do business. I have such a limited wardrobe pack in that suitcase. It sucks. Having to to laundry every other day further adds to the frustrations.

I miss a refrigerator. It would be grand to just walk into a kitchen and grab a snack or cold drink from a fully stocked fridge.

It's the simple things. Fingers crossed that we will be in our new permanent temporary home soon.

The Next Adventure Begins

The house is all packed up and has been cleaned from top to bottom. We turned over the keys to the renters and loaded to cars to start the next part of our big adventure eastward. Three days of driving will take us to our final destination.

Car trips with the dogs, kids and the JoyfulBoy are usually pretty fun.

Time to hit the road again.


The house is in complete disarray after Day two of the pack out. Looks like we will be pulling our the air matresses tonight!

The Adventure Begins

Today was the first day of real moving activities. The movers were here to start packing our stuff. They were nice enough to save the beds until two. The entire upstairs is done... Including my poor craft area. It's a little traumatic to see all my stuff get upheaved. I will survive, I'm sure.

Tomorrow the adventure continues with day to of the pack out.