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The Kake Quilt

I have be up to some sneaky crafting for the last couple of weeks. The JoyfulBoy's birthday is fast approaching and I owe him a quilt.

In 2008, his beloved grandmother passed. He loved her dearly and misses her so much. She was a saint of a woman and touched the lives of many. None as much, though, as the lives of her grandsons. Grandma Kake, as my oldest called her, did so much for those boys.

After her passing, I snagged all of her flannel shirts from the closet when helping my MIL clean out her house. Those shirt have been sitting on my shelf for years waiting for me to do something with them. Last week, the project started. I rescued as much fabric as possible from the shirts and started work on a quilt for my boy.

I think he will love it.

Testing... 1, 2, 3. Testing

There is finally a mobile app for blogger. I thought I would give it a try and see if this posting-on-the-go thing will help me post more often.