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Yay! Winners...

Congratulations to our Zinio Subscription winners: Anne K, Allison, Kira, Beki, nfisher118, O_o, Kitty with String, and Glen Fandf! Please send me your First Name, Last Name, email address and the name of the publication you would like by 20 Dec 2012 so I can get your prizes activated.Send me a private message via twitter or email me at Congrats again!!!

And sew it begins

This labor of love has begun. I have set out to create three upcycled quilts made from flannel I have rescued.

This year I am making quilts for my inlaws. My dear husband's mother and two brothers will get quilts made from his grandparents old flannel shirts. I do this not out of my love for them but, out of my love for him.

We recently moved away from them and I feel a need to stay connected. My husband and children need this part of our family in their lives but I am not sure how else to send love but through the mail.

It sounds like I don't really like them, but I do. However, the love for my family is deeper. I will do this thing for them to keep the home fires burning.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

Free stuff! Zinio Sweepstakes, discounts and more...

Hi all!  I don't do this very often, but I couldn't pass this up.  The folks over at Zinio are giving away 3 iPad minis and everyone who enters to win - before the promotion ends Nov. 30, 2012 - will get $5 towards a magazine subscription of their choice.   I went over and checked it out and received the $5 off voucher as soon as i finished my registration.  There was no purchase necessary to enter and it was super easy.  Zinio has more than 200 magazine titles available at up to 50% off their already-discounted prices. Here are a few magazine titles I thought might interest you guys: Interweave Knits; Quilts and More; and my favorite ...The Knitter. Head to the site to enter the sweepstakes here: and check out the magazines they have to offer.  HURRY, the Zinio's promotion ends Friday, Nov. 30, 2012! I almost forgot... Here is the MORE!  Zinio has given me FREE subscriptions (yes, more than one) to share with you in return for plugging …


I have been diligently working on getting the craft room in order but the progress seems so damn slow.  I couldn't help myself yesterday, I had to take the e-spinner out for a whirl so I started spinning a couple oz. of Canadian Alpaca dyed by my friend TurtlePurl.  It was irresistable.  I couldn't help myself. It has been worth every stolen minute I have been able to spend behind the wheel.

I long to unpack my Victoria and get back to spinning my fleece.  It would be really fantastice to have yarn by the end of the year.  I am absolutely in love with the clean, creamy oatmeal color. 

It will come soon enough, I suppose. *sigh*

No place like it

This weekend was good. Just plain, good. I feel grateful that the boy and I had time to do a few things that made this house feel like home.


The new house is coming along nicely. We work diligently everyday unpacking boxes and making our new place feeling like home.

All the while, I dream of the potential this little room holds for crafty goodness.

Home, Sweet Home

Things are starting to come together for the Joyful Family.

We found a beautiful little place to live in Maryland. It's big enough, the right price and in a great school district. We have been living here for almost a week with almost nothing. Still living out of our suitcases and sleeping on air matresses. Out Household Goods get delivered today and that makes it feel a bit like Christmas.

In a couple of hours, this place will be filled with our furniture and just over 100 boxes. It will be divine. I can't wait. Sadly, the craft room will be last space to come together but that is ok.

Hotel living

Today marks the ninth day we have spent in a hotel. It isn't completely horrible but, it could be better.

I miss the little things.

I miss privacy. it would be so nice to be able to go into a seperate room and close the door behind me. Even if it was just for five minutes away from the TV and chatty kids.

I miss my dresser. Living out of a bag is not the best way to do business. I have such a limited wardrobe pack in that suitcase. It sucks. Having to to laundry every other day further adds to the frustrations.

I miss a refrigerator. It would be grand to just walk into a kitchen and grab a snack or cold drink from a fully stocked fridge.

It's the simple things. Fingers crossed that we will be in our new permanent temporary home soon.

The Next Adventure Begins

The house is all packed up and has been cleaned from top to bottom. We turned over the keys to the renters and loaded to cars to start the next part of our big adventure eastward. Three days of driving will take us to our final destination.

Car trips with the dogs, kids and the JoyfulBoy are usually pretty fun.

Time to hit the road again.


The house is in complete disarray after Day two of the pack out. Looks like we will be pulling our the air matresses tonight!

The Adventure Begins

Today was the first day of real moving activities. The movers were here to start packing our stuff. They were nice enough to save the beds until two. The entire upstairs is done... Including my poor craft area. It's a little traumatic to see all my stuff get upheaved. I will survive, I'm sure.

Tomorrow the adventure continues with day to of the pack out.

WOW! When did June Happen?

So, I was sitting there on the couch enjoying my first cup of coffee on a Monday morning when it hit me... It's June!

Time passes so quickly and it can really get away from me. I have had a hard time transitioning back into my social and crafty life. Not exactly sure why but, I am back.

So much is going to happen over the next two months. My child will get older, my house will get emptied and we will change zip codes. If all goes well and right, I will be able to keep up on posting.

Fingers crossed that I can share the adventures with you! Until next time...

Spring Break

It is time to say goodbye to a fantastic week at home. I took the week off to share spring break with the JoyfulBoy. He had a blast and got tons done around the house. It was really great to see the weather change to the flowers bloom. I will be sad to head back to the office tomorrow.

Quilt success

Gave the boy his quilt today after declaring it "warm-up Wednesday." he loves it and we snuggled under it for a while before starting our day.

I love him so...

The Kake Quilt

I have be up to some sneaky crafting for the last couple of weeks. The JoyfulBoy's birthday is fast approaching and I owe him a quilt.

In 2008, his beloved grandmother passed. He loved her dearly and misses her so much. She was a saint of a woman and touched the lives of many. None as much, though, as the lives of her grandsons. Grandma Kake, as my oldest called her, did so much for those boys.

After her passing, I snagged all of her flannel shirts from the closet when helping my MIL clean out her house. Those shirt have been sitting on my shelf for years waiting for me to do something with them. Last week, the project started. I rescued as much fabric as possible from the shirts and started work on a quilt for my boy.

I think he will love it.

Testing... 1, 2, 3. Testing

There is finally a mobile app for blogger. I thought I would give it a try and see if this posting-on-the-go thing will help me post more often.