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Merry Christmas

Christmas day with my family was perfect. We spent a nice quiet day at my mom's house... Perfect!I think I experienced a knitter's Christmas miracle, too. Before the night was over me, mom and Byrd were spinning while Itty-bitty and my hubby knit.


Meet Steve. Why Steve? Z said he looked like a Steve. She's nine... That seems like reason enough.

Thus little guy had Itty-bitty all excited when we were toy shopping. Not exactly sure what drew her to a blue vinyl stuffed elephant.

I managed to sneak back to this store and pick one up. He will be under the tree Christmas morning.


I must say, the trip to Chicago was a mighty good time. I didn't enjoy being there for work but tried to make the best of it. And, check out that view from my hotel room!!!As always, a trip to the yarn store was in order! Loopy Yarn was very nice and the staff was awesome. My biggest adventure was driving through the city to get there! Craziness. I think I will try to go back in the spring with the family.