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Meet The Counting Sheep

This is the counting sheep. He is an original design by me that I am particularly proud of. I started him as an iron on transfer but he quickly let me know he wanted to be more. He deserved to be more so I don't fault him for that.
After I got the fancy swancy sewing machine, his destiny was clear. I learn as much as I could about my embroidery functions and, after much trial and error, he has come to life.
I am certainly proud and can't wait to see what's in store for him next.

The list

We made the girls put shopping lists together for the holidays so the grandparents would have plenty of time to shop this year.  By far, my favorite addition to the list was this hand-drawn addition to list.  Yes, Byrd, message received but mom is not skilled enough to get this done in time to go under the tree this year.  Before winter is over you will have your sweater;)


It looks like the weather has finally decided to give us some consistency. No more 80-degree days in the near future. The birds are finally flying south and the leaves are changing.

Simple pleasures

I can't believe how excited I got when I saw this. It really has been a long time since I was in PA. Seeing Wawa made me absolutely giddy.