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I had a total blast sharing the first day of Summer vacation with my family!  We headed off and spent the entire day at Six Flags St. Louis.  I love roller coaster and the crowds were a minimum and the lines were short so we got to ride them all!!!

Coffee and roving and Purl ... oh my!

Good things come to those who wait, right? Well, my swap package was certainly worth it! It was on my doorstep when I got home from work today. It appears that what my swap buddy lacks in promptness (17 days past the deadline) she makes up for in generosity!

There's chocolate, and coffee, and roving and handmade soap just to name a few ...

And yarn from Morehouse Merino, and patterns, and... did I mention the coffee?

And a bag and pattern from Purl Soho!!! This was the first store I ever ordered yarn from online and would love to visit.

It's a beautiful collection of stuff from all over "The City" ... Soho, the west village ... and some goodies from upstate as well.

It sucks that this package was so late ... it almost ruined my first swap.  I am glad it's over and think I might go make a pot of coffee:)


I really hate running ...

and the hills only make it worse!

Mother's Week?

I am not quite sure when it happened, but we seem to celebrate every holiday, birthday, etc. for an entire week.  I certainly don't mind.  Mother's week meant sleeping in, a Pearl Jam Concert, having my car detailed and eating at the establishment of my choice.

My family could have never squeezed all that in to a day:)

Recovering from Maryland!

I totally did that thing again where I disappeared off the face of the blog for a while.  All of the ramping up for Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival really took time away from everything else. 

I had a blast and wouldn't trade the experience for the world!!! 

Even after having to fight the crowds and battle the heat the trip was well worth it.  I am truly looking forward to the opportunity to hang out with the girls again soon.