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Good Ribbon Gone Bad

Sometimes, crafting can be a blast.  It brings me joy to make things and see my finished productions take shape.

And, sometimes, when good ribbons go bad, it can be a real pain in the @$$!
There is nothing like a good ribbon explosion to get things started right.  I went digging in the ribbon jar for one tiny piece of black ribbon and ended up with this mess.

And it was quite the treat getting the little buggers back in the jar.

Grad. School Drop-out

I have decided to leave my Grad. School program and have no regrets about this decision.  I really hated what my program had become and I was only in it to check a box.  I really will not be in my current field in a few short years and feel good about the quality of work I put in.  Before the dreaded Thesis, all was well.  I have spent the last 5 years, literally, being screwed around by my university on this thing and now I have had enough. 

Ahhhh... that little rant felt good:)

Feeling Accomplished Is Good!

I set myself a goal to have bags completed and posted on Etsy for sale by today and I did it.  I put six bags on my site yaterday for sale and have a few more to finish today.  It feels good to be ready for the promotion I might get out of Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival at the end of this month.  I am most proud of this bag ...

It used to be a tank top and I am still amazed that I was able to turn it into a bag that i think is just adorable.

I think I am going to continue to produce bags bretty heavily for the next couple of days and then get moving on all of the other things I need to do for MDSW.  I have a cutest tank top on the needles that I would love to wear during the event.  I just have to get off my butt and finish it:)

I also need to get the most stuff for the shop finished that I can before the KIPing It Real bags arrive and need finishing.  There are 115 of them that have to be done by the time we have to leave for the festival.

Thank goodness I am really enjoying this …