The Party is over ...

As many of you know, I turned 35 this month.  Taking a look at all the things around me, I have decided I really need to make some changes.  First and foremost, I need to get back into shape.  The last quarter of 2009 was pretty rough.  I had issues with my back that made me have to put off working out.  I simply could not do it without hurting my self worse. 

I have since finished with my physical theropy and am clear to geet back to it.  Last year, I lost 15lbs. all with the help of this man ...

Tony Horton.  He is irritating, and makes me feel guilty, but he must know what he's talking about ... it worked.  I am starting a round of Power 90 today and commiting to getting all the way through it.

So, this party of eating whatever I want and having seconds all the time is over.  Time to push play!


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