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Merry Christmas

Christmas day with my family was perfect. We spent a nice quiet day at my mom's house... Perfect!I think I experienced a knitter's Christmas miracle, too. Before the night was over me, mom and Byrd were spinning while Itty-bitty and my hubby knit.


Meet Steve. Why Steve? Z said he looked like a Steve. She's nine... That seems like reason enough.

Thus little guy had Itty-bitty all excited when we were toy shopping. Not exactly sure what drew her to a blue vinyl stuffed elephant.

I managed to sneak back to this store and pick one up. He will be under the tree Christmas morning.


I must say, the trip to Chicago was a mighty good time. I didn't enjoy being there for work but tried to make the best of it. And, check out that view from my hotel room!!!As always, a trip to the yarn store was in order! Loopy Yarn was very nice and the staff was awesome. My biggest adventure was driving through the city to get there! Craziness. I think I will try to go back in the spring with the family.

Meet The Counting Sheep

This is the counting sheep. He is an original design by me that I am particularly proud of. I started him as an iron on transfer but he quickly let me know he wanted to be more. He deserved to be more so I don't fault him for that.
After I got the fancy swancy sewing machine, his destiny was clear. I learn as much as I could about my embroidery functions and, after much trial and error, he has come to life.
I am certainly proud and can't wait to see what's in store for him next.

The list

We made the girls put shopping lists together for the holidays so the grandparents would have plenty of time to shop this year.  By far, my favorite addition to the list was this hand-drawn addition to list.  Yes, Byrd, message received but mom is not skilled enough to get this done in time to go under the tree this year.  Before winter is over you will have your sweater;)


It looks like the weather has finally decided to give us some consistency. No more 80-degree days in the near future. The birds are finally flying south and the leaves are changing.

Simple pleasures

I can't believe how excited I got when I saw this. It really has been a long time since I was in PA. Seeing Wawa made me absolutely giddy.

Mad Hatter

I totally feel like super mom after pulling this off ... The jacket was originally pink but overdyed in black, the skirt and hat were both made from remnant fabric.  The hat is my proudest accomplishment.  Certainly made easy using the tutorial found on ThreadBanger. 

I know, I know...

It has been so long.  I promise to do better at posting.  The Summer turned out to be far busier the I ever imagined.

More to come ... promise;)

Maybe Its All the Pretty Colors ...

I am beginning to think that it's all the pretty colors that keep me crafting ...
What do you think?

The Spring Clean

This space used to be a catch all for everything that was mine.  In particular, those things I didn't want the kids and Hubby to touch.  Unfortunately, I just tossed everything in there thinking I would get it later.  It came to this ...

Thank goodness I decided to do a Spring Clean!  I finally have a space fit to get some things accomplished.  It feels good and is worthy of the Bernina;)

Poor Lil bird

Spent quite a bit of time yesterday keeping the dogs away from this poor little bird who fell out of the nest.  This was a truly dangerous job.  My every attempt to steer the pups away was met by dive bombing birds.
Worth it though, I think.

Meet Bob

Needless to say, Ity Bity's Birthday present was a big success:)


I had a total blast sharing the first day of Summer vacation with my family!  We headed off and spent the entire day at Six Flags St. Louis.  I love roller coaster and the crowds were a minimum and the lines were short so we got to ride them all!!!

Coffee and roving and Purl ... oh my!

Good things come to those who wait, right? Well, my swap package was certainly worth it! It was on my doorstep when I got home from work today. It appears that what my swap buddy lacks in promptness (17 days past the deadline) she makes up for in generosity!

There's chocolate, and coffee, and roving and handmade soap just to name a few ...

And yarn from Morehouse Merino, and patterns, and... did I mention the coffee?

And a bag and pattern from Purl Soho!!! This was the first store I ever ordered yarn from online and would love to visit.

It's a beautiful collection of stuff from all over "The City" ... Soho, the west village ... and some goodies from upstate as well.

It sucks that this package was so late ... it almost ruined my first swap.  I am glad it's over and think I might go make a pot of coffee:)


I really hate running ...

and the hills only make it worse!

Mother's Week?

I am not quite sure when it happened, but we seem to celebrate every holiday, birthday, etc. for an entire week.  I certainly don't mind.  Mother's week meant sleeping in, a Pearl Jam Concert, having my car detailed and eating at the establishment of my choice.

My family could have never squeezed all that in to a day:)

Recovering from Maryland!

I totally did that thing again where I disappeared off the face of the blog for a while.  All of the ramping up for Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival really took time away from everything else. 

I had a blast and wouldn't trade the experience for the world!!! 

Even after having to fight the crowds and battle the heat the trip was well worth it.  I am truly looking forward to the opportunity to hang out with the girls again soon.

Good Ribbon Gone Bad

Sometimes, crafting can be a blast.  It brings me joy to make things and see my finished productions take shape.

And, sometimes, when good ribbons go bad, it can be a real pain in the @$$!
There is nothing like a good ribbon explosion to get things started right.  I went digging in the ribbon jar for one tiny piece of black ribbon and ended up with this mess.

And it was quite the treat getting the little buggers back in the jar.

Grad. School Drop-out

I have decided to leave my Grad. School program and have no regrets about this decision.  I really hated what my program had become and I was only in it to check a box.  I really will not be in my current field in a few short years and feel good about the quality of work I put in.  Before the dreaded Thesis, all was well.  I have spent the last 5 years, literally, being screwed around by my university on this thing and now I have had enough. 

Ahhhh... that little rant felt good:)

Feeling Accomplished Is Good!

I set myself a goal to have bags completed and posted on Etsy for sale by today and I did it.  I put six bags on my site yaterday for sale and have a few more to finish today.  It feels good to be ready for the promotion I might get out of Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival at the end of this month.  I am most proud of this bag ...

It used to be a tank top and I am still amazed that I was able to turn it into a bag that i think is just adorable.

I think I am going to continue to produce bags bretty heavily for the next couple of days and then get moving on all of the other things I need to do for MDSW.  I have a cutest tank top on the needles that I would love to wear during the event.  I just have to get off my butt and finish it:)

I also need to get the most stuff for the shop finished that I can before the KIPing It Real bags arrive and need finishing.  There are 115 of them that have to be done by the time we have to leave for the festival.

Thank goodness I am really enjoying this …


It's been a while since I posted, which is horrible considering I have only just started this blog. 

I have been consumed recently by this ideas that I could make stuff, lot of stuff and sell it on Etsy.  It has given me motivation to try lots of things and to do.

This weekend was spent kettle dying fabric.  It was fun and the colors were, well... Bright, to say the least:)

I also found time to make my own photo light box and am pretty pleased with the results.  Check out these scissors.  Not bad.  Well, I will try to do better at staying up to date.  Especially as my adventures on etsy progress.

I don't know what it is ...

but, I just can't find my motivation.  It's not everything, just the stuff that I am supposed to do.  Really, I just want to play and have no motivation to be responsible and work.  I am ready to be done and just knit and spin all day!!!

... and spin 

The Party is over ...

As many of you know, I turned 35 this month.  Taking a look at all the things around me, I have decided I really need to make some changes.  First and foremost, I need to get back into shape.  The last quarter of 2009 was pretty rough.  I had issues with my back that made me have to put off working out.  I simply could not do it without hurting my self worse. 
I have since finished with my physical theropy and am clear to geet back to it.  Last year, I lost 15lbs. all with the help of this man ...

Tony Horton.  He is irritating, and makes me feel guilty, but he must know what he's talking about ... it worked.  I am starting a round of Power 90 today and commiting to getting all the way through it.
So, this party of eating whatever I want and having seconds all the time is over.  Time to push play!

Race to the finish

Well, we are more than half way through the winter Olympics and the 2010 Ravelympics. I am happy with my progress. I think I have challenged myself and am doing stuff I wouldn't without the deadline.

There was color work ...

And lots and lots of finishing ...

Only three more project to complete before the closing ceremonies:)  Wish me luck!

Birthmas Joy

This has been a great week. I enjoy celebrating my birthday.

I am not sure when it happened but, it seems that the occasion is no longer just recognized for a day. First there was cake at work, then Wednesday knit night, then gifts at home with the fam and a weekend shopping trip. I must say I was not disappointed.

I love my friends and family!!!

Little Things

Sometimes it really is the little things that bring me joy. I haven't been spinning long, but the thought of ending up with something useful and pretty makes me happy.

Egg Sigh Ted

This is the obligatory premiere post to my new blog. Can't say I have much to share at this juncture, but only time will tell.